Saturday, July 26, 2014

Been Away

Hello Everyone,  I have been away from my blog for a long while due to the fact I have been working on lots and lots of new projects in my inside studio and my painting studio.  We have also been working on the outside of the house all spring and into the summer and we are finally done, at least for this year anyway! (Giggles!) I thought I better check in with you and let you know I have not fallen out of the blogger world for good I just got really busy. I have so much to share with you and I plan to be back doing that this week if at all possible.  Here is a small preview of my French Inspired Guest Bedroom.

These are a few photos from the French inspired guest bedroom makeover I completed after the guest bathroom refresh I did in the Spring. I made pillows, covered canvas with fabrics and created several crafty projects to give it the look I wanted. I just realized I have not downloaded a single project we did after we got this one finished. Yikes!I guess I have several hours of downloading work to do, oh well such is the life of a creative person.

These are a few of the accessories I originally added on the opposite side of the room; to be honest most of that has evolved over the last couple of months and I need to add new photos since I think the room might be done, NOT! Nothing is ever done around here as you all know.

Thanks for letting me share my news and one of my many projects.  I plan to be back as soon as I get everything loaded into my laptop. See you very soon.

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