Friday, September 30, 2011

Studio Helper

In the spirit of getting to know each other, I want to introduce you to someone very important, my studio helper.  She is always there with me everyday, never late for work, very enthusiastic, upbeat, warm and loving.  She always inspects my work and tools to make sure they are of the best quality and sometimes she is just there for company.  Here is her picture so you will know who she is when you see her in my posts.


Her name is Honey Bunny, her nickname is Bunny, usually when I don’t have time to call out her full name, and she also gets called Bun, Bun and a variety of other cute little names.  She is a small orange and black calico kitty who I rescued before she was to go to animal control. Honey turned three just this past May but seems more like a kitten with all her crazy antics.  She is my fury little girlfriend who keeps me company in the studio, office and the rest of the house.  The very best part about her is she hardly ever talks back or argues with me, what a great studio helper.

Inspection day, Honey making sure my machine is threaded correctly and my scissors are sharp and ready to cut with.  I believe I did pass inspection and I was cleared to sew. She didn’t want the sewing police to shut down work for the day, always looking out for me.

Honey is deep in her duties as my helper trying to get the correct measurements for the bias tape cuts.  She wanted to know if it was 1” or 2” and were we using the correct fabrics for this bias tape color. 

Oops! Almost forgot my outdoor studio helpers, they aren’t as fun as Honey Bunny but they are loyal and loving as well.  These three older helpers are Fur Ball, the orange kitty who is the oldest at eleven years old, and Toby who is cuddled up with him. Then there is Tyler who takes up a bed all by himself, he was the runt of the litter who almost died, but ended up at about 15 pounds of pure muscle (a big boy).  There is one more helper who was very camera shy; we will get her next time so you can meet her, Sweetie is her name.

All of my little helpers were rescued from people who abused them horribly.  I was happy to take them in, since no one else wanted them, due to all of them having medical problems.  They now have each other for company and a warm and loving home.

 For those of you who need a cute little studio helper of your own, please adopt one from your local animal shelter or take in a stray who needs a loving home.  OK enough for the public service announcement, just thought I would do my part for the employment of future studio helpers.

In case you are wondering if I have a human studio assistant I do, her name is Jolene and she is fantastic, you will meet her in future posts.  Between Jolene and Honey I am a very productive and a happy camper.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post, look for me tomorrow I have a fun post you won’t want to miss.  See you then.

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