Saturday, October 1, 2011

Super Woman

Before I write my next post let me say how sorry I am for not getting to Saturday’s post.  As someone who is new to the world of the blog I foolishly thought it would be no problem to write new posts for the weekend.  Silly me, I should have known it would not be possible; I usually try to keep my studio and office time to the weekdays for very good reasons.  Those reasons being; the weekends are usually spent with my husband, my grown children, their children, doing errands, cleaning house, laundry, grocery shopping, date night and functions we need to attend.  I really don’t know where I thought I was going to get even five minutes to write.  Super woman I am not. In the future, if you are following me, you will most likely only see three to five posts a week, no weekends unless things are slow and I can sneak up to the office for some quiet time.  You never know so keep your eyes open.  See you soon.

Roses from my husband, he just wanted to say "I love You", isn't he a sweetie.  Now you know why I don't work on weekends if I can help it.  I do love roses, I am a lucky lady.

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