Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Contain That Clutter Part 2

Contain That Clutter Part 2

In part 1, I talked about editing (see past post), Today’s post is about how to organize all those small and large goodies (for me it is sewing notions) using unusual containers.  You are probably thinking here we go again; I have to spend more money on storage boxes, bags and whatever else is out there.  True you may want to do just that but if you are thinking of going a little bit green and leaving a little less garbage in the landfills, then you might find my ideas useful.  Keep in mind I use all these items at my work stations.  I have a working studio with several projects going at once so I have to be able to find things quickly; little stations around the room help me to know where to look for an item without wasting time. My storage solutions do just that, some you will know about others will be new to you. Remember some of this is out of the box thinking.

For my colorful buttons, which I use in my children’s line, I put them into a couple of different kinds of containers. 

For the larger flower buttons; I put them into glass bottles which held Starbucks coffee, I soaked off the labels in very hot water so I could see each button color (love the lids).

For medium and miniature buttons; I used little condiment containers we got   with our take-out soup order.  They all had lids on them which keep those pesky little buttons from escaping and rolling around on the floor.

My specialty, wide ribbons and larger buttons are kept in clear hair spray can tops.  They are deep and clear so I can see the colors and my ribbons don’t end up a wrinkled mess.

All of these items sit on a very old acrylic tray my Mom used at cocktail parties in the 60’s. Totally a re-purposed item, it now serves notions.

A couple of other containers I use to sort and contain buttons are clear glass soup jars, vintage Planters Peanut jars, nut jars from a hotel mini-bar, (paid a hefty price for those nuts) and plastic containers from Kentucky Fried Chicken which hold the side orders.  They are semi clear with snap on red tops.

To store small jewelry findings, seed beads and other small embellishments I use sample glass jars I get from the make-up counter at the department stores.

My bias tape, elastic and piping all go into a fabric covered box which coordinates with my studio colors (black, white & turquoise).

Some of my threads are stored in a large glass cookie jar and a clear plastic mayonnaise jar with a cute avocado green lid.

Extra scissors, a flashlight, nail file and other goodies are stored in a mercury glass flower vase (a gift from my sister).

Glass jars of every kind, glass candle holders and little metal pails hold colored pencils; colored pens, paint brushes, stencil brushes, decorative cutting scissors, paperclips, rubber bands and so much more.  I primarily use glass for easy viewing but you can use any plastic food jars or take out containers you come across.  Pre-made salad containers usually have great shapes and colors and are pretty interesting to look at.

When you are looking for fun containers for storage ask yourself this:  What can I use this for or what can I put in this?  Look at everything you are going to throw out; try to see it in a new and creative light.

Of coarse you can purchase great looking containers just about everywhere, but remember half the fun is looking at things in a new and creative way and using them to make your creative world a little bit more organized.  Oh and don’t forget all the money you could be saving to buy more goodies.

Look for Part 3 of Contain That Clutter; we will be looking at storage for your larger supplies.  See you soon,

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