Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Contain That Clutter Part 3

Recently I shared some of the unusual containers I use to control the clutter in my studio, at least some of it.  Last week while working on several projects in my outside studio, I looked around and noticed some of the containers I was working with and decided to share those as well. I don’t always work inside, sometimes I work in my outside studio when I am doing any wet work like, spray painting, working with foam for flowers or anything which is messy.  All those projects require “stuff” which needs to be contained; here is some of what I use.

This drawer might appear to be a bit untidy but it is in fact organized with several containers, one of which is a plastic style shoe box with a green lid, which is where I keep all my leftover hardware pieces from a variety of projects, you never know when you will need those little bits and pieces.

This little gem holds some of my tools; yes I said “my tools”.  I actually have my own set of hand tools and power tools; I like “more power”.  I am actually very handy with all of them, my husband is so proud.

My mini box contains leftovers from building shelves for my studio.  I found both containers in the jewelry making and embroidery departments of a craft store.  They work well for storing little parts and the removable panels allow for larger items. I could have bought a tool box but I preferred to use the unusual so they would fit in my drawer.

This little drawer came from my upstairs studio, from a set of wheel around drawers, the removable drawers allow me to move my things from one studio to another.
The little blue box my wire and floral ribbon sit in is from a frozen dinner entrée and the mini jars, in the back, holding some small brads, are Jelly sample jars from a past Christmas gift.  Use and re-purpose all those unusual containers, have some fun looking for unique colors and shapes just like I did.

The great old lunch box belonged to my father-in-law; we found it in his storage unit after his passing. My husband didn’t know what to do with it so I suggested I keep it and use it in the outside studio where he would see the box and it would get some real use as storage for my large glue gun and glue sticks.  We are both happy to have it.

 A small peg board sits just above my work bench; it was a scrap from another project and fit just right under my shelves and above the counter top.  The wooden box was re-purposed from a holder for my ink stamp collection which grew out of the box.  It now holds packing tape rolls.

For more storage ideas see;  Studios Magazine.

As you can see storage containers can come in all shapes and sizes and can be used anywhere in your studio, office, home, garage or any place you need to control that clutter.  Don’t be afraid to look at all the items you buy or use, especially those things you might otherwise throw away.  I hope this gave you some good ideas for organizing your special spaces.  Thanks for letting me share with you, see you soon.

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