Monday, October 3, 2011

Contain That Clutter Part 1

Today’s topic is clutter in the studio, office or craft room.  Most of us have some kind of space where we go to work or play; for some of us the space is a corner in the bedroom, a closet, the dinning table, a spare bedroom, the garage, attic or basement.  For others it is a dedicated space like an artist’s co-op, commercial/retail space, a warehouse or stand alone building on our property.  No matter what the size, shape or location we all have clutter, the kind which boggles the mind and senses when we try to work or create. We just can’t seem to settle down until we have it corralled and under control through storage and organization. 

All the books, magazines and design shows make it look so easy, the first thing they say to do is edit down all of your supplies to just the few things you need.  I say ridiculous!  Why would I do that? Silly! It took me years to get my fabric stash to a respectable/usable size not to mention the ribbons, buttons, bows, elastic, bias tape, zippers, thread, rick rack, sewing machines (plural), scissors, measuring tapes, irons (all plural), dress forms, patterns, etc…..  Don’t even get me started on all if the paper, glue, stickers, scissors, cutting machines, embellishments, beads, jewels, paints and…… OK maybe I do have a lot of STUFF, but I do need it all. So your question is what does she do so it can be found and used on a daily basis?

(Some of the current goodies I am collecting and keeping)

To tell the truth the first thing I did was some fabric editing.  I know I said I wouldn’t but…. one day I opened my cabinets and realized I had a lot of older fabrics and other craft supplies I was not going to use, I pulled it all out and donated the fabrics to several groups who make quilts for children in need, they were thrilled to have it and I had more space for the updated fabrics I wanted to use.  Little did I know those fabrics were considered “Retro” by the young sewers of today and I could have sold them on-line. To be honest I felt better making the donations knowing the fabrics were going to really good causes.  The craft supplies and a variety of items were donated to other very worthy causes as well.  I guess I did edit but I did not get rid of the things which made sense to keep, even if I had them longer then a year.  Who pays good money to just give away their supplies, a little editing is good, but anymore then that is just nuts?!

Look for part 2 in my next post, we will be discussing unique storage for of those little goodies you are not going to edit.  See you soon.

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