Sunday, October 9, 2011

An Adventure

An Adventure

As I shopped for a new laptop I realized it was a lot like buying a new car, kind of stressful. Different models had different features, no one computer seemed to have it all, each one seemed to be missing some component I needed. It took going to the store I should have started with, not the last one I shopped in, before I finally bought one. A little voice kept saying, “go to the Sony Outlet Store”, where I purchased the last one. Did I listen, no, I ignored my little voice (women’s intuition) telling it to be quiet, we needed to shop around and look at all the laptops recommended to me by the “experts”. After much time spent on the internet, talking with my IT techs and three stores later, I still ended up at the Sony store. Why didn’t I listen and just go there instead of wasting a whole day? I could have been fabric or shoe shopping! The laptop I chose was the up to date version of the one which crashed on Friday, it has all the features I needed and wanted, finally. I guess I am just one of those Loyal Lindas who like to stick with what works best for her no matter what the newest in technology is. I had my laptop for over seven years so I know the brand and service is good. Let’s hope I am right and this one lasts me just as long or at least more then a couple of years. I will no longer be chasing the new technology with a very slow computer, I am now like everyone else flying through the internet at warp speeds. Look out world here I come! Woohoo!!

A couple of side notes:

I still don’t know if my pictures and data can be saved, I won’t know until Monday or Tuesday (still biting my nails, bad for my manicure, very naughty).

Finally, once I get all my programs and data loaded I will be back to sharing all kinds of fun projects and other goodies with you on a regular basis. I have high hopes for Monday or Tuesday.
Some of my future posts will include; Fall decorating part 2, Cut that Clutter part 3, Guest room makeover including all the DIY projects which went into it, some DIY and sewing tutorials, lots more bling and so much more. Look for me, I will be back with fun and photos, see you soon.

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