Thursday, October 6, 2011

A California Fall

It’s finally starting to feel something like fall in California with cool, crisp days and nights.  We haven’t started the turning of the leaves yet and I still have roses blooming, but it finally cooled down last night bringing our first fall rain. 

For me fall means beautiful, lush, warm colors found in flowers, trees, fabrics and fall decorations.  I love to decorate my home inside and out in those lovely fall greens, gold, browns, rust and burgundy.  I enjoy the fall decorations so much I decorate every room in my favorite colors using fall leaf garlands, pumpkins, floral centerpieces, wreaths, candles, and quilted fall table runners.  Most people don’t really bother with decorating this time of year unless they have small children who like Halloween.  I personally don’t enjoy the Halloween decorations so I do fall decorations instead.  In November I add the usual turkeys, corn and gourds, which I leave up until it is time to decorate for Christmas.

The first decorations to come out on display are my quilted and non-quilted table runners; here are a few of the fall ones.  The rest of the decorations will follow soon.

This is a runner I bought from a young seamstress who was selling these at a super reasonable price.  I could have sewn one up myself but I wanted to help a beginning seamstress get a start making a living from the work she did.  I was working in an art gallery at the time and didn’t have time to make them myself, so I actually bought quite a few for several different holidays, she did a really good job on all of them.  I added a few fresh mini pumpkins with a candle centerpiece to bring out the traditional colors. The centerpiece will change again soon.

This little fall quilt sits on a cabinet in the dinning room.  I made this quilt with leftover triangles from a couple of large table runners I use on my dinning table.  I try to use as many of the leftover scraps from the making of my quilts and garments, no waste if I can help it.

One of the first things I change in my fall decorating is the dinning room table.  This table setting has a rust colored table cloth as the base, a leaf print table runner, brown woven place mats, a copper colored charger, and brown napkins with wooden napkin rings.  The center currently holds a vase of fall flowers and two large glass hurricane lamps with candles and burgundy glass pebbles.  The table sets the tone for the rest of the room decorations.

The very pretty little runner sitting on the entry table was one of the first quilted table runners I ever made, the bright colors and patterns make it one of my favorites. 

It’s time for me to go to storage this weekend and pull out the rest of the fall wreaths, ceramic pumpkins, centerpieces, candles and anything else I can find so I can finish my decorating.  I am running a bit late this year from trying to figure out how to write a blog, launching a new business and spending time with my new grand baby.

I was just thinking…one day life is slow and lazy then the next thing you know you get very busy and the holidays have begun creeping up on you when you weren’t looking.  Apparently I was napping in the California sun unaware the seasons had changed.  Better late then never.  So if you were not paying attention either, join the club and get busy decorating for fall.  If it isn’t a season you normally do any decorating for why not give it a try and see if you “fall” as in love with it as I am. 

Featured fabrics came from:  Homespun Harbor A Quilt Shop
Where I like to buy fall decorations:
JOANN Fabrics

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