Friday, October 7, 2011

Computer Crash

Just a quick note to let you all know my computer experienced an untimely demise today, very unexpected I must say.  I was right in the middle of today's post (something to do with sparkles and bling) which means I lost it and everything else.  It's a good thing I have great IT people to help me try and retrieve all my data and photos.  Some of it was backed up but not my newest stuff, along with some family photos.  I know this  happens to many of you which means you know the sheer panic I felt when the screen started to go black.  I know better and saved everything, maybe I will get lucky and get it all back, the results won't be known until Monday or Tuesday (complete nail biter for me).   I borrowed a computer so those of you who follow me daily will know why they aren't hearing from me right now.  Tomorrow I get to go shopping for a new laptop, aren't I a lucky girl, not really my thing, a techie I am not  (I would rather shop for shoes or purses).  I was given LOTS of advice on what and what not to buy, wish me luck. The minute I get a new computer and can figure out how to work it I will be back.

Check daily to see how I am doing, I am going to try and figure out how to post my writings and pictures on another computer.  I have lots to share with you, keep looking for me.  See you very soon.

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