Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lampshade Tutorial

When I was working on the toy room for my granddaughters I decided the room needed lots of color if it was gong to be a fun place for them to play in.
As I brought more and more color into the space I realized the cute little pale pink lamp, I had recently purchased, wasn’t going to cut it for bringing in the fun bright elements I wanted for the room.  There were a hundred and one different things I could do to the lamp and shade to perk it up, I finally settled on a quick little project which I could do in about an hour.  Here’s what I did to give the pale pink shade a larger cute factor.

I took the shade off of the lamp and put it onto a two liter soda bottle filled with sand, providing a steady base for working on.

Out came the glue gun and some pretty hot pink pom-pom trim.  I glued it all around the base of the shade, it was looking brighter already.  I was really looking for my retro orange pom-poms but found the hot pink instead; I liked the hot pink better anyway.

Next up was some embroidered daisy trim, which I glued around the top of the lampshade.  A colorful change but not quite enough color, still a little bland, what to do?

I cut apart the leftover flowers being very careful not to unravel the embroidery; I glued them on one by one alternating the colors in a pleasing manner.  I used fabric glue so the glue would not get warm and melt from the light bulb causing the flowers to fall off.

Isn’t my little pale pink shade all bright and pretty, just the pop of color I was looking for.  I really love this little lamp and shade, it was so quick and easy and anyone can make one using a variety of ribbons, buttons and trims.  Try making one for yourself; you will be glad you did.

Thanks for letting me share this quick little project with you.  Be on the lookout for more quick projects from the toy room.  See you soon.  Laurette

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