Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Winners - Spring Splash Give-away

A big thank you to those of you who took the time to enter your comments or send me e-mails with all your wonderful ideas for the fabrics I recently won in a blog give-away.   

Some of the consistent ideas for creating projects with my winnings were; all kinds of different purses, tote bags, zip bags and baby quilts.

The items suggested which were unique or different I did not think of were; a name badge/passport holder, a journal cover, a ruffled throw pillow, a themed wall hanging, quilted chair back covers, traveling studio bag, a quilter’s apron and my all time favorite, a sewing machine cover.  All great projects and very creative; from those suggestions I plan to make a quilted sewing machine cover, a quilter’s apron, a journal cover and a name badge holder.   With the larger panel I will be making a decorative wall hanging using mixed media techniques and embellishments. 

I am going to be very busy all spring and summer working on the Vintage Notions fabric projects and the Tres Chic Paris home d├ęcor furnishings.  Between all the sewing, landscaping, painting and furniture refinishing I need to do, I will have plenty of inspiration for my blog posts clear through to fall.  Keep an eye out for all these great projects as they roll into my creative blog.

My winners:

Quilting Grandma from Kansas won the fat quarter prize for her sewing machine cover, quilter’s apron and decorative wall hanging ideas.

Sheila Galindo won the little bird stationary set for her name badge/passport holder and journal cover ideas.

Thanks so much ladies for sharing your wonderful, creative suggestions with me, I can’t wait to get sewing.  Up next on my blog is a landscaping project my husband and I finished last weekend, lots of photos with this one.  See you soon.  Laurette

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  1. Thanks so much. This is a great prize and I will use it.


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