Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vintage Inspired Art

Today I have an easy project I want to share with you from my laundry room makeover.  I had quite a bit of wall space in my small laundry area; I was not sure what I wanted to hang on the walls.  I could hang racks for storage or rods for rolls of wrapping paper or all kinds of other organizing items, since I could not make up my mind I decided to make something which would go with the retro theme until I knew for sure what I needed for that space.  Here is what I made.

I needed to keep with my turquoise and red vintage theme so I went through my paper stacks looking for those colors and retro inspired images, not finding enough of the colors I went to Michael's to get what I needed to go with some photos I found from an old engagement calendar.

I went through my blank canvas collection for just the right sizes for the photos and papers I wanted to use.  I chose two sizes and painted them with some of the blue wall paint I used in the room.  Once they were completely dry for a day or two, I used the Mod Podge for paper to adhere each of the printed papers to the canvas.

I let each of them dry for several days before adding the photo pictures to the papers.  This was a pretty easy project but not quick because you need to let the paint and papers dry for at least 24 hours before moving onto the next layer or you end up with a wrinkled mess.  Once they were all dry they were hung up on the wall as a nice collection just behind the door so you see them when the door to the room is closed.  Lucy is one of my favorite actresses from that era and I collect as much of her stuff as I can so having her in my laundry room seems like just the right accessory for that vintage inspired space.

Thanks for letting me share my vintage inspired art with you; there is still one more quick project from that room I want to show you, it should be up next.  We plan to start the toy room makeover this weekend which means there will be some great projects to share with you next week, unless of coarse the baby shows up this weekend, you never know.
See you soon.


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