Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Apron A Day #4

Today’s apron is not one of my own designs it is a retro inspired 1940’s apron by Heidi Sheneberger.  This was the first apron I made in several years, it reminded me of the one my Grandmother Sota wore while cooking holiday dinners.  I chose three coordinating retro prints, jumbo rick rack and antique buttons to complete the look of the 1940’s; it is one of my absolute favorite aprons to wear.  The little green and white buttons came from the first flannel nightgown I made while in Junior High, I salvaged them when I wore out my gown. I think those were the first buttons I ever picked out by myself and I paid for them from my babysitting money, I still have the rest in my button box; I guess I was into recycling even back then.

Thanks for letting me share my retro 1940’s apron with you, look for more adorable aprons to appear on my blog in the very near future. 
See you soon.


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