Friday, January 4, 2013

Toy Room Makeover Reveal

I finally found a few minutes to post the before and after photos of the toy room makeover we did for our grandchildren’s playroom.  The room has been used several ways until we decided the best use of it was going to be a playroom. We sanded and painted the walls, built benches and bookcases, made curtains and cushions for the benches and decorated it.  There are still a few little projects left to finish but I did not want to wait any longer to share this project, so here are the before and after shots of the room.
Before & After:

Initially we had a bed in this corner which our oldest granddaughter slept in when they came to town to visit. After they moved back home we put a play size table and chairs there, now we have the storage benches, a wall mural and a high shelf for books and toys they are to young to play with yet.



These shots show the opposite corner, the old dresser with a TV on top and the bookcase with toys crammed into it, always a mess. Now the toys are organized by age group and type, a clean look and easy to use and clean up. On the top two shelves in the corner is the art center which can be brought down when the oldest wants to make a few new creative projects. The child size table and chairs will be placed on the carpet in the center of the room once I finish repainting and varnishing them, it got cold and wet so I had to set that project aside for a while until my outside studio warms up a bit allowing the paint to dry.
Thanks for letting me share the toy room makeover, we are very happy with it and so is my oldest granddaughter, she already loves playing in there.

The New Year: "2013"
With this new year I am re-evaluating my blog and where it will go from here, I think there will be some major changes on the horizon but they are not finalized as of yet so you will have to keep reading to see what’s going to happen next. See you soon.
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