Monday, January 27, 2014

Guest Bath Bling Reveal!

If you have been faithfully following my guest bath facelift you know I wanted to do a little something with that room featuring some of the accessories leftover from my studio re-org/makeover.  At this point in time I do not have time to paint the room or add new fixtures but we do plan to attempt that process later this spring or in the fall.  If you have not been following along and you are a first time reader, check out all the archives for January 2014 to catch up on the inspiration, process and DIY projects used for this finished project.  Are you ready for the reveal......OK, here we go, no words just photos.

Wow!!! What do you think, pretty glamorous, right?!?  I am totally in love with this very elegant, lady-like room and enjoy doing my make-up and hair in my new bling bathroom.  I pretty much took over the room all for me, no men allowed, unless we are having guests, giggles!

**            **           **         **          **          **         **          **         **

I just had a thought...ah oh!!!...........
The new guest bling bath and my studio makeover got me to thinking about our guest room and how it is no longer working for us since I removed my office from it. There is a huge space where the desk and printer sat and all the furniture which tied everything together is gone leaving kind of a gap in my original design.  I created that room makeover several years ago when I needed to have a place to write my blog and handle a few business details with the guest room designed around that purpose.  Now that I have a full office in another space I am pretty unhappy with the look, feel and purpose of the current floor plan and decor.  Guess what…it is time to give the room new purpose and a new makeover!!!!  Woohoo…more design opportunities with no painting necessary since I am very happy with the current wall color!  I am really excited to get started looking for fun inspiration and purpose, follow along and see where I go from here. 

Thanks for letting me share my guest bath bling reveal with you, I hope it inspires you to create a little facelift in your guest or master bath, give it a try, anyone can do it!  Oh by the way… the outdoor projects are coming along but will not be completed for another week or so but I will share those as soon as I can.
See you soon.


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