Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Studio Inspiration

Before I show you the studio reveal I though I would share with you some of the inspiration photos which set the whole project in motion and what I saw when I looked at them.  Everyone gets inspired by something different, for some it is color, for others it may be composition or graphics or how a room makes them feel upon entering it, for me it is all of those things that help me decide what direction I will go in during any given project like this.  Here is a bit of what inspires me and why.

When I first saw this photo I loved the bold pops of color and the work surface facing the window which bathed the room in bright white light.

This particular room had wall color similar to my studio and had the double long work surface facing a large bank of windows just like my space.  This was what I wanted for my own creative room and really inspired me to just go for it.

Total eye candy with the turquoise and pops of red with large windows in front of long work counters.  This sewing room caused me to consider putting my counters into an L configuration instead of one long 14 foot counter and maybe adding bright pops of hot pink to my black, white and ice blue color scheme.

I loved the bright white and clean lines of this sewing room, the simplicity spoke to me.  My studio was so cluttered with small keepsakes and full counters I wanted something different.

A very clean streamlined room hosting three windows and one long work counter with two work stations, just what I was looking for, right on target even though I knew I would never get my space that clutter free, but I sure was going to try to clean it up a lot.  As you can see all of these rooms are different but with common threads throughout; multiple windows with work stations placed in front of them with long counter tops and dual work stations.

Now you have a pretty good idea of what types of photos inspired me to organize and reconfigure my studio; these were only a few of the hundreds of images I viewed of creative rooms and storage/organization ideas before I got down to work.  If you are looking for inspiration of your own you can view my Pinterest boards by clicking on the large red PINTEREST word on the right side bar of my blog where it says follow me.  You do not have to join Pinterest to view my boards, just click and view to your hearts content; there are over 80 boards to drool over and keep you inspired for years to come. Enjoy!

Thanks for letting me share a bit inspiration with you today, you know what comes next so keep an eye out for the progress of the studio transformation, it is coming right up.
See you soon.



  1. Such a tease. I thought I was going to see your studio. Can't wait for the next post.

    1. Hehe! Coming up soon! Not yet....wait for it!!!


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