Thursday, February 9, 2012

Inspired Organization

Those of you who read my blog on a regular basis are probably wondering why I haven’t written a post all week.  I was asking myself that and the answer I came up with was; I haven’t been creative in almost two weeks.  I have been busy with a lot of non creative “things” leaving me pretty flat in the creative department, not to mention having blogger’s block, also known as writer’s block, not a good thing for someone who writes a creative blog.  Ah oh!

So…. In the spirit of being officially uninspired I decided to share some inspiration from one of my regular readers, June, who became inspired by my studio organization posts.  June lives in Kansas and has a rather large studio where she quilts and makes crafts with her grandchildren.  The posts I wrote about sprucing up my studio and re-organizing my fabrics and supplies had her looking around her studio to see what she could do to make things work better for her own work/play spaces.  Here are a few of the photos she shared with me; this is only a small part of what she did.

She told me she sorted through all her fabrics, notions, tools and supplies putting them into clear stacking drawers and boxes then giving everything a label (you know how I love those).  She hung her notions and tools so she could easily see what she had to work with.  Extra fabrics and supplies were removed and set aside for donation.  Projects, fabrics and crafty materials are now ready to use and easy to find. I am so proud of her that was a lot of work.

June was also frustrated with the lack of a good inspiration/design wall, she was stumped as to how to get one she could leave up and not have to take down all the time; until she saw what I did with my closet doors/walls.  Inspiration struck, she got the idea to make her design boards movable by hanging a rod over her cabinet doors and using clip on rings so she could hang a really large quilt or her small design boards.  Now she can either slide the project over or unclasp it when she needs to get into her fabric cupboards.  A very smart way to create space when you don’t have enough walls for inspiration boards or a design wall for laying out quilting blocks.  June thank you so much for sharing your studio spruce up with me and helping me to break my blogger’s block.

Thanks for letting me share today’s inspiration with you. Look for something creative from me in a few days, I don’t know what it will be, maybe something fun to wear.  See you soon.  Laurette

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