Sunday, February 5, 2012

Studio Inspiration Boards

As part of the 2012 studio re-organization I freshened up just about every area of my studio with the exception of my inspiration boards.  They had been sitting with the same ideas, pictures and articles on them for several years, time to shake things up.  Many of you have your inspiration boards on your walls on cork or fabric boards etc... , mine; however are hanging on giant closet doors which take up one entire wall of my studio.  There wasn't another space for them because the other big wall is taken up with three large windows leaving me only two shorter walls for my fabric and my sewing/design counters.  I basically hung my boards up there during the move to keep everything on them from getting trashed or lost; they have been bugging me for over a year and now was the time to change things up.  I thought about it for quite some time before coming to the conclusion I could just continue to treat the doors as walls and hang whatever I wanted on them as long as I used those handy little Command Strips for hanging everything up, this way the doors would not be harmed and I could easily move things around.  I am very pleased with my new inspiration walls/doors and when I get tired of them I can change them anytime I want.  Here’s what I did.

Kind of a cluttered mess with no rhyme or reason to them, the doors go floor to ceiling, there are three of them, which cover over 11 feet of closet space, I am one lucky girl to have such a huge closet for all my crafts.

These doors are not very impressive empty; they just become one big long expanse of blank space.  No way was I going to waste so much real estate in a room with only two usable walls.

I love the way the black and white looks on the white doors.  The beautiful pictures of the classic couture garments are all framed in matching black frames and placed around a long black framed mirror.  The pictures were from my last two studios and it was killing me not to be able to use them in this studio, problem solved.  On the second door I hung cork boards covered in black and white Fleur-de-lis fabrics, used elsewhere in my studio, pulling those prints over to the doors.  The entire studio is done in an icy blue for the walls and all the accents are black and white with touches of hot pink for a pop of color.  Can you say Black & White Bling!

The fabric covered boards make a nice backdrop for all my new inspirational pieces, which brings some extra pops of color into the room.  One of the boards on the left is a dry erase board and the other is magnetic, perfect for all those little reminders I might need to post.

I left the third door plain white so I could use it between the other two doors when I need a design/photo wall.  The white door gives my eyes a rest when I need to design a quilt or use it as a clean backdrop for taking photos.  I have a fleece covered board I can attach to the white door, with more of those Command Strips, when it is time to create patterns or quilt layouts; I have the best of all worlds this way.  Now my studio is organized and complete, ready to work in on a daily basis, no more clutter or confusion, I am one very happy seamstress/crafter/quilter.

Thanks for letting me share my Studio Inspiration Boards with you; I hope you enjoyed reading about the last of my studio spruce ups.  Look for more creative projects in my next posts.  See you soon.  Laurette

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