Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Floral Arrangements

As each season arrives it brings a certain kind of renewal depending upon which season it is.  Fall brings warmth, a new golden light and host of beautiful colors to our flowers, mountains and trees.  I love this time of year and do my best to bring fall to all of my surroundings, even though I live in California and we don’t get the real fall like the mid-west and the east coast.

This is one of the seasonal changes I make every year; four fall flower arrangements. I thought I would include a few pictures of the process as I worked on my projects.

I purchased a box load of high quality silk flowers in all my favorite rich, elegant colors, along with some floral foam.

Out came my box of tools; scissors, wire cutters, box cutter, foam, wire, floral tape and silk stems.

I cut foam and stems to fit the size of the containers I was using then began the process of arranging my flowers.

Time to make some pretty bows for two of my flower arrangements.  See the posting, Pumpkin Bling, for instructions on how to make bows using wired ribbons.

All finished, isn't it pretty and fall fantastic.

I made the above arrangement and another one just like it to take to my Mom’s grave site and these two outdoor arrangements, in the silver containers, for my Father-in-Law’s.  I like to change their arrangements at the beginning of each season if possible; these were done around the first of September and will be changed again at the beginning of December.  It is a good way to honor those we love, who have passed away, giving a little color, love and care to their final resting places.

Thanks for letting me share this project with you.  Look for a bit of bling and some other colorful ventures coming from my studio.  See you soon.

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