Friday, December 30, 2011

Organization Bug

Help, I have been fatally bitten by the re-organization bug, oh no!  With a new year on the way there is a strong desire to make things new, fresh and different and it all started with the blog from Pink Chalk Studio by Kathy Mack.  She recently featured a fabric stack of her dotted fabrics sorted by color; dots are a part of the sewing basics many of us use to create our wonderful, colorful, creations, usually as accents.  Anyway… it started me thinking about my fabric stash and all the fantastic fabrics I have and how I have them sorted.  The blog post also made me look at my fabrics to see how I was doing with my supply of basics, guess what?  My basic fabrics had dwindled down to a dim shadow of what they once were, which means I needed to restock and possibly re-organize my fabrics.

A trip to my favorite quilt shop, Homespun Harbor, was in order, the year-end sale was in full swing making it possible for me to stock up on some of my basic fabrics, of coarse I had to throw in some cute new hot pink zebra and leopard prints, which I had been eyeing since they arrived at the store last month and some Christmas fabrics for next years donation projects.

All was well again in the basic stash department, now I just had to decide how to organize all my fabrics.  There are so many schools of thought on how to organize supplies, fabrics and just about anything else you need to corral for easy access and use, including the clothing in your closets and drawers.   I have always sorted by type of item and by color, pretty much all over my house, especially in my closets; with the exception of my fabrics, they are sorted by project type and partially by color.  After looking at Kathy’s blog it made me re-evaluate how I store my fabrics; maybe sorting everything by fabric type and color was a better way to see what I have on hand and allow me to be more creative in my fabric choices, after all projects come and go and so do current trends.  Could I get better use of my fabrics and keep procrastination down to a minimum?  Hmm… it was worth a try.

Keep in mind this is a huge project which could take days with the amount of fabrics I keep on hand. I guess I better get to work, this is going to take some major work beginning with the cleaning off of my cutting table so I can pull fabrics and sort, you know…one project leads to another and another, good thing it is a cold, dark day, perfect for fabric sorting and organization. 

Time to get to work, I will be back with my progress and some tips for organizing your creative spaces and offices.  See you soon.

**I apologize for the strange font sizes in this post, I am having technical difficulties with the blog program.

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