Monday, September 3, 2012

Retro Laundry Room

I am back from my August Break and my week off to celebrate my birthday and our 35Th Wedding Anniversary.  It is unofficially the close of summer and the beginning of the fall season with the conclusion of the long Labor Day Weekend.  It is now time to get back to creating fun projects to share with all of you over the up coming fall and winter holidays.  I managed to work on a few projects and pieces while I was away from my blog, up first is my laundry room makeover. 

The laundry room was just a simple boring beige color with lots of holes in the walls and one cabinet over the washing machine, I absolutely detested that room and I was always embarrassed whenever the door was left open and company came to visit.  I love color and beige was not going to cut it so we went out and looked for something to inspire the makeover.  We went to Target where I found the basic pieces I would use as my jumping off point.  I chose the era and room colors of retro turquoise blue and tomato red from the art piece which hangs front and center in the room.  Here are some photos of the laundry room prior to painting it and the rest are the after shots broken down into segments.



From all the photos you can see I used only small accents of the tomato red spread throughout the room, the other accents were the oak cabinets and the small wooden laundry wall hanger.  The rest of the accents were all in white with the turquoise blue being the predominant wall color.  The laundry room is now such a bright fun room too walk into, with lots of new storage and great new lighting replacing the old, loud fan light.  I am very happy we spent some of our vacation time working on the laundry room which is part retro but mostly colorful and updated, I love it.

Thanks for letting me share my new laundry room with you, I hope it inspires you to take a look at the space where you do your laundry and consider updating it and making it a fun place to work in.  Remember even a laundry closet, basement or garage could use a bright coat of paint to bring some sunshine into your laundry space no matter how large or small it is. Watch for more new projects all week long, I have some really easy ones anyone can do.
See you soon.


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