Monday, December 19, 2011

Gift Card Envelopes & Owls

Kind of a funny title for a post, I know, but envelopes and owls are what I was sewing today, they are gifts for my grown up children and my new grand baby.  I had lots of fun designing the fabric envelopes for those larger gift cards, which come in a cardboard holder; they don’t fit in the little felt ones I made the other day, so new ones had to be designed.

These turned out pretty cute with a retro Christmas print, lined in red and white polka dots.  I sorted through my button stash of reds and greens picking out special buttons to give each envelope its own bit of flare.  I made extras to jump start next years gift giving, a little extra something never hurts.

The felt owls were up next, they really turned out darling, and they were inspired by designer, Susan Beal, from her Button It Up book.   I made a size change so my grand baby could easily hold them in her little hands to make them crackle.  I used bamboo felt, from the Heather Bailey line, for the body, and stuffed them with the cellophane wrappers from microwave popcorn, so they would crackle when she squeezed them; she loves anything which makes noise.  Each owl is very Eco friendly too, all the parts are recycled.  I can’t wait to see if our little one likes them on Christmas morning, they are going in her stocking.

Thanks for letting me share today’s creative venture from my studio, I think it was the last of the gift making for this year.  I hope you have enjoyed following along with me on all of my holiday projects.  I have one more decorating project to share with you and that one is up next, watch for it.
See you soon.

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  1. Great design, papers, folds and sentiment. Love how it all came together.Plastic Cards Printing
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  2. Thank you for your comments, I will be designing a new one for the holidays very soon, watch for that.


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