Friday, July 13, 2012

Baby Boy Charm Pins

This is going to be a quick post even though the project I will be sharing was not quick at all, in fact it was very time consuming. My daughter and I decided we wanted to make a memorable baby shower gift which would not just be thrown away in a few months, we wanted to create something which would last for a long time; we chose to make charm pins featuring silver and enamel baby charms.  Little did we know, when we picked out all the embellishments, it would be so labor intensive attaching all the little charms and ribbons.  It was a lot of fun and went really well once we got a rhythm going between us, good thing there were two of us or I would be working on them until the night before the baby shower.

I gathered some of my jewelry making tools and jump rings along with all the charms and the pins we shopped for and bought on line. We did a test run to see how things would look and got to work once we agreed on assembly style, no two pins are alike.

Some of the pins before we attached the ribbon and the backing cards my daughter designed just for them.

A close up of the test pin we used to help us choose ribbons and what kind of mounting paper or card they would be attached to.

These are some of the charm pins completed and displayed on their cut little baby boy cards.  They really came out darling, our jewelry making skills and my daughter’s graphic arts talent really helped us create a one of a kind gift for each of our guests.

Thanks for letting me share our Baby Boy Charm Pins with you even though it was just a quick post.  I think I have just one more baby shower project to share with you, but who knows, I may do one or two more things before the party.  Next week I will be sharing the rest of the gifts I am making for the baby, keep checking daily so you can keep up and not fall behind.
See you soon.


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