Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where She Sews

In honor of the final day of the virtual studio tour sponsored by Pink Chalk Fabrics I am going to share the sewing/creative space of one of my readers, Jolene, who sent me photos of her sewing/work area, her space was also featured in the virtual tour mosaic on the Pink Chalk site.

This is her sewing/craft area where she carved out room behind the sofa so she would have some place to work on projects which could be somewhat contained and out of the walkways.

Just by turning around she can work on her graphic arts at her computer stations with easy access to books and business supplies on the shelves next to her computers.

Her space is compact but very, very functional with great light and an excellent use of storage space.  You can check out the rest of her room makeover on her blog at www.ajewelddesign.blogspot.com , have a look; she has some great craft projects and graphic design advice.

Jolene thanks for sending me photos of where you sew/craft so I could share them with my readers.  I hope you all got a chance to go to the Pink Chalk site and view all the featured sewing studios as well as the virtual tours of the readers on the mosaic wall, if not, use the hot button on the side bar and it will take you there.  It was such an honor to be part of the virtual tour; I had a great time all month looking at the many, many fantastic large and small creative spaces.

Thanks for letting me share where Jolene sews and the Pink Chalk Fabric virtual tour with you.  Up next is the sweat suit upcycle tutorial which was lots of fun to do.  Following the tutorial will be a building block quilt; I am working away on that sweet little quilt right now, watch for it.
See you soon.


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  1. thank you so much for the post. The new space is working out well and new curtains have even been made since the transformation of the new work space.


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