Friday, July 27, 2012

Under Construction

Hello everyone, I wanted to give you a quick update and let you know my blog is under some technical construction while we do some updates and make some small changes, most of which you will not even notice.  A couple of new items will appear, hot buttons for Facebook, Twitter and a few other social networking sites will now be available so you can" Like Us" on those sites, those should appear at the bottom of each new posting. We would all be thrilled if you did that whenever you like a photo, pattern, project or post, don't be shy.  We also have a " comment " button you can click on and make a comment on the post you just saw, if you take the time to comment I will do my best to read it and respond back to you as soon as I can, we love to hear from you. (please note: these hot buttons, appear very small so you will really have to look for them, the size is not in our control).  We at Buttons, Bows & Bling strive to do our very best for our readers so we have joined the social networking scene to have the latest up to date information and ideas, we hope you will join with us in moving us forward in that arena.

Construction should be finished this weekend, I will return with a new posting which I hope will be waiting for you Monday morning, fingers crossed.  Thanks for hanging in there with us this past year as we made our way through a new frontier, we have been having a great time and we can't wait to share more creative projects with you as summer winds down and fall begins.
See you soon.


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