Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blue & White Flower Pens

Project number two was to make some really cute flower pens for each of our guests to use during our party games.  I guess I could have just bought some blue pens and left it at that but then I would not be me if I did not add a bit of floral bling to those basic blue pens.

Off to Target and Michael's to get some pens, paper flowers and some foam wrapping tape, all in our blue and white baby boy theme.

This was not a very difficult project, just a time consuming one, with wrapping each pen and flower with the foam wrapping tape and getting it to stick the way I wanted it to, some double sided tape did the trick.  They are really darling and look so cute with the little notepads I made earlier, what a nice set to send home with the ladies along with a few other surprises.

Thanks for letting me share my Blue & White Flower Pens with you, I will be working on the party favors next, just a small hint, think jewelry.  It is time to go, lots more to do after I clean up my huge mess and start a whole new one. (Sigh)
See you soon.


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