Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Baby Shower Bliss

The baby shower my daughter and I gave for my daughter-in-law is finally over; it just flew right by in the blink of an eye.  We truly had a really great time getting ready for it by creating all our projects and then decorating the party spaces with all our goodies.  As promised I have some photos of those spaces all decked out in blue and white, sit back, relax and enjoy!

This area is my kitchen island where we set up for the food and drinks.  You can see all the little touches we added to bring our theme into this room.

We chose cupcakes instead of the traditional shower cake; they were absolutely yummy, as were the rest of the decedent desserts.  Thank goodness we chose to make a refreshing rainbow sorbet punch, French Lemonade and ice tea to drink; it was almost 100 degrees that day.

The sign in table was just darling with its white mums, balloons, confetti, and mini yellow rubber ducks.  Our gift table sat in front of the window so it was hard to get a decent photo but you can see the balloons, confetti filled table and the baby bunting hanging above the table, it was a really cute area.

Gosh there were tons more photos to share, I took about 100, I think I will stop here or it will take you all day to look at them. Since I didn’t do a double post Monday, I will share the last minute decorating project I did because I needed to pull the whole room together for a cohesive look.

A few days before the shower, when we began the mock set up for the shower, we realized we needed something around the gift table to tie it into the rest of the rooms.  I came up with the idea to make a paper baby bunting to hang over the table using the same scrapbook papers we were decorating the kitchen island and the sign in table with. I cut out large triangles, stapled them together, added jumbo rick rack across the whole top of the row, glued on vintage buttons to the ends of the triangles, and decorated the flags with embossed stickers and tags.  They came out so darling, they really fit the space and completed the room.

My very last project was to fill the favor bags with the flower pens, notepads and the charm pins.  The gift bags really came out cute with everything all in one place; they were a hit with the ladies.

Thanks for your patience with all the projects and photos of the baby shower, I promise this is the last of the baby boy blues for that event.  I hope you got some great party ideas you can adapt for your next event.  It is now time to move onto other projects and new adventures from my studio, I am not sure what’s up next but I do know I have a number of projects waiting to be shared with each of you.
See you soon.


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  1. This event was so much fun. And it was a blast helping create all these wonderful items.

  2. I love the way you use that colors wonderful decoration and baby shower.
    Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower

  3. Thanks, we all had a great time, event planning and execution are my specialty. What a special day.


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