Thursday, May 10, 2012

All About Babies

Today’s creative project is baby burp cloths, with an 8 month old granddaughter and a new baby arriving in the fall, I thought it was time to get sewing for the little ones again.  I felt it was appropriate to begin with all those necessary little generic layette items since we don’t know yet what the sex of our fall baby is.  Burp cloths were up first, with baby kimonos, bibs, blankets, toys and quilts to follow as time allows.  I love to sew for babies and toddlers the fabrics are so much fun to work with; you will be seeing quite a few projects over the next couple of months as I gather together my completed projects for the baby shower.

I had a great time shopping in my fabric stash for the retro prints I used on most of the burp cloths.  The fabrics remind me so much of the ones I used to make things for my children when they were babies, except the prints then were the originals, these are replicas of those.  The retro fabrics I chose are not gender specific and can be used for either a boy or a girl.

I played around with different kinds of fabric mixes with printed cottons for one side with either flannel on the back or terrycloth toweling.  On one of them I used the same flannel print on both sides. I sent one of each kind over to my daughter’s house to try on her 8 month old to see how well they work and wash up; they are still in the testing stages, so far so good.

These six will go into the basket of goodies for the baby shower; they are a mix of cottons, flannel and terrycloth toweling. As soon as I find out the gender my projects will get much more specific, but for now I get to sew for the baby as my creative spirit speaks to me.

Thanks for letting me share my baby burp cloth project with you.  I have several summer patio sewing and painting projects coming up very soon as well as the kitchen/family room makeover posting, I misplaced some photos which is putting me a little behind on that one, but it is on the way.  See you soon.

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