Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mailbox Makeover

During this past weekend one project in particular was started and completed, a simple project but a very important one, new mailboxes and post.  This project has been on the books for almost two years, ever since we bought our home.  I have been bugging my husband to get it completed, but since it was not a top priority it kept getting pushed to the bottom of the list, at least until our mail carrier requested we do something about it soon.  With a three day weekend and no other large projects looming he finally agreed to get it done. Because it was such a long awaited project and I was so excited I decided to share it with you.

As you can see the post is curved and leaning towards the smaller mailbox, there were  two different size boxes and in two different colors, a total eyesore, they had to go.  The post was surrounded by grass and the occasional weed, the post got wet every time the lawns were watered, creating the leaning tower of mailboxes.

The new post is treated redwood, straight and true and the mailboxes are both the same size and black with matching gold numbers on the front, a real treat for the eyes, the mailboxes and materials were purchased at Lowes and McKinnon Lumber.  My husband did a fantastic job all by himself, he is very talented with woodworking and just about any project he does.  In the background of the photo you can see two of my outside studio cats supervising and inspecting the completion of our new mailboxes, I think they were pleased (the inspectors were Sweetie in the front and Tyler just behind her).

Instead of the damp grass sitting below the boxes, my husband built a redwood box and filled it with outdoor decorator rocks in a variety of colors (the rocks and box were my idea and I helped to load them in, he was great about including my part of the project).  We put down plastic before adding the frame and rocks to help keep down the weeds, at least for a little while.
I was suppose to paint the wood post, base and box but my husband really liked the natural redwood look, so for now it will stay that way until it starts to weather, then it will get sanded and painted to complement the two houses. Adding more curb appeal never hurts; putting up a new mailbox or painting the existing one is one of those simple changes I am always preaching about, it makes a very big impact for very little time and money.

Thanks for letting me share our mailbox makeover with you; I hope my projects continue to inspire you to make those simple changes to bring new life to the inside and outside of your home.  I have no idea what projects I will be sharing with you, I guess it will be a surprise to all of us, keep watching to see what creative projects I/We tackle next.
See you soon.


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