Monday, May 28, 2012

Rose Rescue

This weekend I had great plans for transforming some outdated and rusted patio plant stands and a wooden park bench into bright, colorful accents for my patio makeover. Sometimes things just don’t go as planned due to time constraints or a lack of communication with my spouse, which is exactly what happened this weekend. (Sigh…) Oh well, such is my life sometimes, total frustration, anyway….. I did manage to get a much needed yard work project completed.  It was time to trim up all the hedges, trees and prune the roses up on the hill.  It takes a full day to manicure the whole backyard because it includes trimming, pruning, raking, adding new soil around all the plants, weeding, deadheading the flowers, fertilizing and watering all the plants and lawns, almost forgot, there was a ton of cleanup from all the clippings, cuttings and leaves as well.  By the time 5pm came around we were completely worn out but very happy at the tailored/manicured look of the front and backyard. 

All the hard work with the roses last year and this year is finally paying off big; we are actually getting a second blooming of roses already and it is only May. We only had one partial  round of blooms out of the roses early last spring, then nothing the rest of the growing season. I did not even know what colors were up there until this spring and I was very pleasantly surprised to see lavender roses and some really stunning yellow/orange striped roses which have a touch of peach/salmon in some of the blooms. I love these they are so happy looking and really make me smile.

I have been asked what I use on my roses, here is a photo of the container, I use Bayer Advanced Rose & Flower Care which feeds and protects the flowers for up to 8 weeks, sometimes longer depending on the placement of your plants.  I absolutely swear by this rose food and recommend it to anyone who has roses and wants to reverse any kind of neglect or add more blooms.  I usually buy it at Lowes or Ace Hardware or at any good garden center, it is well worth the money and lasts a long time, unless you have dozens of rose bushes, you might need a second container before the end of the growing season.  Give it a try and watch healthy roses bloom all season long.

Thanks for letting me share my Rose Rescue with you; I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  I guess I am going to have to try to start those paint projects in the next day or two, watch for those to appear on my blog in the next couple of weeks.
See you soon.


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