Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back to Babies

Currently, I am back to sewing baby gear for our new grand baby who is due this coming fall.  This time around I am working with soft, cuddly printed flannel, I just love working in flannel since it is easy to use and irons up nicely at the finish of each project, not to mention keeping baby nice and warm.  All these prints are just darling, some of them are geared for a baby boy or girl and some can be used for either one.  I will probably make my projects out of both prints and put away which ever one I don’t use for this baby and save the others for the next one.

My newest baby projects are newborn kimono jackets, I made them when both my children were babies and used them all the time after a bath and over their little pajamas and nightgowns for extra warmth; the cotton versions are great for summer playtime or sleeping in on a warm night.  While digging through my patterns, this cute jacket just jumped out at me as something I should make for our new baby, it is not something you see new mom’s using these days, maybe it will make a come back this year when I re-release the pattern and jackets later this fall.  The pattern is simple to read and easy to use, they make up pretty quickly using the flannel, bias tape and printed ribbons.

This little top can be worn by either a boy or a girl but leans slightly towards a baby boy with the darling blue elephants and the orange trim.  I made another jacket in the same fabric with a matching green trim and a pale yellow bow before going on to work with the other prints; each one will be totally unique with different trims and ribbons, no two will be alike.

Thanks for letting me share my newborn kimono jackets with you, there are going to be lots of baby projects mixed in with all the other painting and craft projects over the next couple of months. I hope they inspire you to create some baby gear of your own for your baby, grand baby or as a shower gift, happy sewing. 

See you soon.


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