Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sewing The Blues

The forecast for spring and summer colors introduced by the fashion and interior design industry called for tangerine/oranges, citron/lime, yellows and blues in every shade imaginable.  Tangerine made a huge splash on the runways and in the home interior previews early this spring.  Right behind the oranges were strong colors in greens and blues; the trend seems to have continued right into the summer lines of clothing, indoor and outdoor furnishings and accessories.  I absolutely adore the fact that blues and greens are making a huge comeback this year; hues of blue have always been my favorite colors since I was a pre-teen and I am very happy to be using them again.

My personal moodboard in a variety of blues and greens, which sits above my desk, was inspired by Pink Chalk Fabrics’ blog, Pink Chalk Studios, featuring textiles by Maasai Mara from dear Stella and Ellen Luckett Baker for Moda.  I use moodboards to collect colorful images to inspire my fabric, paint and project style choices, this one encouraged me to go blue and green in my next project.

Apparently last year I was way ahead of the curve with my Paisley Crazy Room Makeover where I featured lime greens, blue and turquoise as my updated color scheme.  I constantly study, watch and read about fashion and interior design so I can stay up on what is new and fresh each season. I had an inkling as to the coming color changes and chose them for my guest room/office even though some people thought I was nuts for putting them in my home.

I am at it again, in the early spring I picked out some beautiful blues and greens for my outdoor patio makeover project.  Large prints, geometric patterns and stripes are all the rage in outdoor fabrics and I have them all in complementary colors, a great way to spruce up my dull patio cushions and add some tropical bling.  I already started sewing up several cushion covers but decided to hold off finishing them until the big tree next door finishes shedding sticky pollen and leaves all over my patio; I plan to get back to  sewing early next week so everything will be done in time for a party in mid June.  Once I finish them I will write a before and after post so you can see the difference the new blues and greens made, should be a good one.

Thanks for letting me share Sewing The Blues with you; I hope it inspired you to perk up your indoor and outdoor rooms with some of the new bright and cheerful colors of the summer season.  See you soon.


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