Friday, May 25, 2012

Simple Changes

Creating simple changes to a room, an outdoor patio, an office, creative studio or your homes curb appeal can have a huge impact on how you feel about the places you work, play or live.  The kinds of changes you can make can be as minor as a new paint color, bold new fabric drapes, artwork on the walls, a new chair or a few bright accessories to pull a room together and give it a cohesive feel.  My favorite things to do are all of the above depending on the room and what I want to accomplish in that room or space. I have written a number of past posts about small changes like adding bling to my studio through paint and accessories, painting tired old furniture giving it a new vibe and painting my front door red adding eye catching curb appeal.  Occasionally just making minor additions like a new tablecloth, place mats or a centerpiece to the dinning room table or changing out bed linens can create a whole new mood in the room you add them too.  It is all so easy to do and sometimes it just happens by accident like the recent transformation in my office/guest room.

This is a photo of the guest room/office right after I completed it around this time last year. It has a light, bright, spacious feel to the room with beach type accents along with complimentary paisley prints in blues and greens.

Simply by turning over the comforter to a solid deep blue color, the whole space became warmer and more intimate pulling out the deeper, darker colors in the fabrics already in the room, giving the entire guest room/office a completely new feel with one simple flip of the fabric, how easy is that.  I will probably leave it that way for awhile, I really like how it pulled out the blue in the walls, which were very subtle before, but now stand out a bit more.  Did I mention I love the color blue?

In addition to flipping over the comforter I added a fantastic, handmade, rod iron dress form to the corner of the room (the dress form was a birthday gift from my daughter).  I dressed her in a pretty blue and green apron I made from one of my patterns; it compliments the other fabrics already in the room.  The dress form is appropriate for the space due to the fact I am a seamstress by trade and the room also serves as my business office, very inspiring when I spend long hours writing at my computer.

Thanks for letting me share some of my simple changes; I hope it encourages you to make some of your own, it is so important to keep your environment fresh, bright and ever changing.  Speaking of changes, this is project weekend for us since we have three days to create and play in the yard and house, I hope to have some new projects to share with you next week so be sure you watch for them.  Just a hint; paint and wood will be involved, that’s all I am saying for now.  Have a fantastic and memorable Memorial Day Weekend. 
See you soon.


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