Monday, May 21, 2012

The Red Door

I wrote a big impressive posting about the red door and the family room/kitchen makeover, edited it a million times, saved it all the way, chose lots of photos and promptly lost the whole thing through some kind of computer or user error (sigh).  Boy was I mad at myself, I am sure it was some dumb thing I did but I lost three hours of hard work.  So…… I am only going to tell you about the red door today and break it up into two different posts, since I cannot remember everything I wrote the first time, this one will be a short one.

Our front door started out a kind of light brown/mocha color which was surrounded by a creamy white trim and tan walls, kind of a neutral non-descript looking home, basic curb appeal but no real pop of color to draw the eye in, totally not my kind of house.  We just were not ready to re-paint the whole exterior of the house since it was painted less then two years ago by the investors we purchased the home from.  The best way to give it some new curb appeal was to paint our front door red so it could be seen through the white screen door.  I originally wanted to paint the door a nice glossy black but decided to go bold instead, because as most of you know I love color, it does not have to be super bright but it does need a bit of bling to make me happy.

I chose Ace Hardware Exterior-Latex paint, semi-gloss, Dried Tomato; the color is not an orange red more of a deeper darker red with a black base.  No matter which red you use it will take more then one coat, mine took three to get a nice even glossy coat of full coverage.  No matter how careful I was when applying the blue painters tape, some of the paint came off around the door handles and the glass when I pulled off the tape.  I will have to go back and touch it all up to cover the primer coat and the original mocha paint color, one of the hazards of doing a DIY project instead of using a professional painter, not a big deal just a bit more work, good thing I like to paint, more lessons learned.

Thanks for letting me share my Red Door painting project with you, my door came out a really beautiful, rich, red which pumped up our homes’ curb appeal and brings a smile to my face every time I open the front door.  I hope my little curb appeal project will encourage you to make some small changes (painted flower boxes, rod iron accents over windows and doors, painted shutters or a new rich front door color) to the front of your house so you can smile every time you arrive home.  I have more painted projects headed your way, keep reading you never know what I am going to paint, sew or craft next.
See you soon.



  1. Hmm, the first set of paint colors that you applied seems not to complement each other. I personally like the red one better. First, it gives a standout mood to the door, and second, it makes the door eye-catching for passers-by and visitors. That door will surely add some value to your home. :)

    [Gabrielle Jeromy]

  2. Your door looks much better now, Laurette! Did you know that a red door conveys a powerful image? It attracts the attention of your guests, creating a welcoming presence for them. Red doors are usually common with colonial-styled homes simply because they complement with the colonial house colors, such as ivory and white.

    Maricela Milum

  3. Thank you for your comments, the first paint color was chosen by the investor we purchased the home from, the red door was chosen by me. Our home is somewhat colonial and lends itself to that style and color choice, it is a work in progress, I have more curb appeal to do to get it where I want it, the door was the easiest change to make.

  4. The door looks really good with the new paint job! And with the good choice of color, it now has a stronger say in making your house look more sophisticated. The latex paint really did a good number on it. It really has a nice and even gloss!

    Raymonde Birch


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